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Death - Cultural, philosophical and religious aspects

Death - Cultural, philosophical and religious aspects

About death, grief, mourning, life after death and immortality. Why should we die like humans to survive as a species.



A short guide about what is and how to play bingo, the game in United Kingdom, and its major variations.

Internet Marketing, SEO & Advertising

Internet Marketing, SEO & Advertising

A guide for online marketers, advertisers and publishers, to increase the digital marketing and optimize their costs and benefits.

Online Business Development Services

Develop your business on the Internet and mobile. From local to global.

  • Web design, e-commerce

    Web sites for public institutions, NGOs, funded projects, industry, commerce, finance, automotive, tourism, etc.

  • Internet marketing, SEO

    Internet marketing for search engines and social networks, and mobile marketing, Search Engine Optimization.

  • Translation, localization

    Accurately translation, keeping the spirit of the original document and cultural meaning, in and from Romanian and French.

  • Articles, desktop publishing

    Development and distribution of corporate news and press releases, viral posts on social networks, optimized content.

  • MS Office, PDF, image editing

    Presentation of companies, projects, etc., in Powerpoint, Word, Excel an PDF formats, slide shows, video clips, animations.

  • e-Book editing and publishing

    Scanning, editing, formatting, publishing and promoting books and e-books. Distribution in the biggest online stores.

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