The history of contemporary philosophy

 (A. von Menzel, The iron rolling mill (1875). The Industrial Revolution brings about a change in living conditions, which reflects on philosophical, economic and political thought.) The philosophy of the nineteenth century is divided into different directions. It includes Romantic … Read More

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Scientific methods within the context of justification

Hans Reichenbach, who was close to logical positivism, distinguished between the context of justification and the context of discovery. The context of discovery refers to the process that results in proposing a theoretical result, whereas the context of justification concerns … Read More

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Aristotle on motion

(The beginning of physics in Latin translation in a Venetian incunabulum of 1483 adorned with hand-painted miniatures: New York, Morgan Library & Museum) Physics is next to the Metaphysics and Nicomachean Ethics of the major works of Aristotle . It deals with the explanation (definition) of some basic terms that are used … Read More

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Common-sense realism (Naïve realism)

The expression naïve realism indicates a set of philosophical conceptions of perception (and by extension a set of realistic metaphysical conceptions), sometimes also called common-sense realism, direct realism , or natural realism , which strongly re-evaluate (in different ways ) the concept of common sense.  (Naïve realism argues we perceive … Read More

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