Support and trend of falsifiability

Popper’s supporters argued that most criticism is based on an incomprehensible interpretation of his ideas. They argue that Popper should not be interpreted as meaning that falsifiability is a sufficient condition for the demarcation of science. Some passages seem to suggest that he considers it is only a necessary condition. Other passages would suggest that for a theory to be scientific, Popper requires (besides falsifiability) other tests, and that negative test results are accepted. A demarcation criterion based on falsifiability that includes these elements will avoid the most obvious counter-arguments of a criterion based on falsifiability alone.
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.30071.47527

Support and trend of falsifiability

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  1. Felicitari pentru publicarea acestui comentariu! Esti un adevarat fan al lui Popper si al consilierilor lui. Desi obiectia principala a lui Popper este ca criteriul de demarcare al stiintei trebuie sa se bazeze pe falsifabilitate, argumentele tale confirma faptul ca argumentul sau vizeaza doar consistenta si ca un criteriu pozitiv mai larg trebuie luat in considerare pentru demarcarea stiintelor. Excelent sfat!

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