Token-identity theory- Anomalous monism

The anomalous monism is a position of the philosophy of mind developed by Donald Davidson (1917 to 2003). On the one hand, it claims that every single mental event is identical to a single physical event. Second, the anomalous monism explains that types of mental events are not identical to types of physical … Read More

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Moral relativism: Classical anthropology – Critique of moral relativism

Classical anthropology Anthropological research in the 19th and 20th centuries support the relativism. William Sumner (1840–1910) argued in his Folkways work, published in 1906, that right and wrong are always related to the prevailing social mores and customs and are shaped by practices and institutions. For … Read More

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The term post-structuralism denotes different approaches and methods in the humanities and social sciences, which first emerged in France at the end of the 1960s and which deal critically in different ways with the relationship between linguistic practice and social reality. The decisive factor here is the view that language not only … Read More

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